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Andreas Hofer

Andreas Hofer

"Defender of liberty and patriot of Tyrol"

This page has been activated in relation of the 200 year anniversary of the battles of 1809 for the liberty of the county Tyrol. Where a lot of brave partisans, under the command of Andreas Hofer, who has been arrested in our beautiful and traditional hotel, fighted for our liberty and many of them lost on the Mount "Isel" near Innsbruck there lives.

Andrè Hofer: the story of his life

Andreas Hofer was born November 22 of the far year of 1767 as son of Josef Hofer and Maria Aigentler as youngest son of six children. After the obligatory elementary school and few public jobs he was sent to "Welsch-Tyrol" (today: Trentino) to learn basic knowledge as farmer, landlord and street trader but also to learn the second language of the county, Italian. At the beginning he worked in Cles and after at the Ballino pass.

After his return in "Passeier" valley he was declared very early as adult and begun immediatly to lead the farm of his parents in 1788. In 1789 he married Anna Gertraud Ladurner, a farmers daughter from Algund. She donated him seven children: Mary Gertraud, Johannes Stephan, Mary Creszenzia, Rosy Ann, Ann Gertraud, Gertraud Julie and Creszenzia Margareth.

Sandwirt As street trader he was not really successfull, mainly because he begun to lead the parent's farm with very huge debts. He was not practical to trade with horses, cows, lambs, wines and many other products. As in the year 1805 the "Bayern" took control over the county "Tyrol" the economic situation of many Tyrolean people became worse. For that reason most of the patriots has been street traders, landlords and farmers.

As politican Andreas Hofer was much more successfull. He very fast could increase from commander of the "Passeier" valley troups to the commander in chief of the hold county. Finally in 1809 he has been declared and confirmed as leader of the hold county.


As commander in chief Andreas Hofer was overloaded with this duties and more and more influenced of the right part of his soldiers. It was not his job ho lead on Mount Isel his troups to the victory and neither it was because him that the troups of Tyrol lost so many battles afterward.

Unless Andreas Hofer has become a mythos and idol for a lot of young Tyrolean girls and boys and he became the propaply most famous patriot and liberty-soldier of the european history.

Andreas Hofer Andreas Hofer was arrested because of one of his soldiers, who told the french troups his location. He was brought to the "Hotel Graf von Meran" in Rennweg in Meran. There he was interrogated by French soldiers and the next day brought to the jail in Neumarkt from where French troups brought him to Mantua.

In Mantua on febbruary 20 in 1810 Andreas Hofer was killed with shooting by order of the martial court of french military troups with fifteen shoots.

Still today the day of death of Andreas Hofer is remembered and celebrated by many "Schuetzen" troups of South Tyrol, North Tyrol, Bayern (Germany) and Trentino in Mantua.